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Yesterday, r + I went to see the Jenny Holzer exhibit @ the MCA – and for the most part, I thought it a fairly successful showing. I don’t have time for a full-on review, but here’s my notes/impressions…

_// for years I was sorta turned off by Holzer’s Truisms for one reason or another, but their use here moves beyond the content of the text; at one point you stop reading them and simply viscerally experience waves of text. it makes me think of the countless streams of political slogans and news feeds I’m bombarded with and that I have have to wade through – you start ignoring the messages and begin having an experience based on constant retinal data

_// the structures created by the scrolling screens, along with the added light + motion, are both Flavin + disco club. in this instance, Holzer ftw.

_// I don’t know if people realize there’s text happening on the reverse of some of these screens. it’s illegible unless you enter the structure; it makes me wonder what hidden + secret messages scroll within these structures. I sorta like the Schrödinger-esque idea of text broadcasted into intentionally inaccessible space.

_// before we left, Tron was playing on TV. Holzer’s floor piece recreates gamespace, but I was disappointed I couldn’t actually walk between the streams and experience what that felt like.

_// I wasn’t so sure of the printed pieces w/ redacted text… they sorta felt like an opening act, although I’m sure I would be more interested if I viewed them w/o all the flashing lights and retinal seduction.

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