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studio.FAB [beta_02]: moving fwd.

after a few months of calibrating and tweaking [beta_01], it was clear things weren’t as stable or precise as I’d like. I think much of the instability was because of some necessary kludges (ugh, zip ties…) and that I used printed parts for a lot of the assembly. I knew [beta_01] was always just a really good prototype with a few unfortunate rough spots. starting this past week, I’m doing what I hope is a final revision/build. it’s in progress now, and only should take just a third of the time to get up and running.

the most important and noticable revision is that I’m using OpenRail for my linear motion on the x + y axis. this will eliminate flexing smooth rods that caused the y-axis to bind + allow me to return to a direct geared extruder. I used the Bowden¬†setup last time because it was lighter on the x-axis, but that caused oozing and extrusion problems. now I can drop a geared extruder or handheld rotary tool right on the x-axis without worrying about the weight.

other changes:

  • using UHMW-PE ¬†bearings for smoother linear motion in the z-axis
  • off-the-shelf hardware-store metal braces: more accurate 90deg. angles and sold, stable corners
  • adjustable feet
  • hand machined steel mounts for the stepper motors + idlers


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