Manualle de Animalle

Manualle de Animalle
durational webcam performance
01 performance: 01-04sept. 2009: 04hrs. 49min. (@ studio, Greensboro NC)
02 performance: 05nov. 2010: 02hrs. 21min. (@ Altered Esthetics gallery, Minneapolis MN)
the performance consists of the me sitting at a table with a mirror, listening to music, and removing facial hair with a pair of tweezers.
it is broadcast live via webcam into a chatroom, where web visitors may be unaware they are viewing an art performance.
the format of this piece was developed as a way to investigate how to utilize compulsive traits, such as repetition and rigid attention to detail, as an artistic strategy, rather than an impediment to art making. in this performance, those traits are positively used towards a playful gender-queering intervention in online cruising spaces. 

the first performance was held over the course of nearly five hours – across 4 days – on the adult webcam site CAM4 in 2009.
the text log of the visitors to the chatroom, who are unaware they are viewing an art performance, is saved as a document of the performance.

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