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sshhkk v0.1 (studio test) from christian.ryan on Vimeo.this one was a bit of fun…  first new work in the new studio + I got to play with a bit of animatronics I rescued from some drugstore throwaway holiday tchochke.  unfortunately I melted through the logic board two days after shooting this test; it limited the […]

13 years, 9 months ago Comments Off on testing a leptaxis element (prototypes!)
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testing the breathing mechanism of a reactive installation object…not yet convinced.  I’d like to see it on a wearable prosthetic, so that’s in the pipeline, although I’m not sure if there’s time to include the finished result in the thesis show… leptaxis _breathable (prototype) from christian.ryan on Vimeo.programmed in Max + uses a Make Controller,  […]

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__//posted new wrk today – dance+offoriginally I wanted to reconstruct “iconic” clips from cinema in which the main protagonist, denied of any other agency, used dance as a method to vent their frustrations and as protest to the oppositional institutions surrounding them. the original cinematic dance scenes needed to be solo + private – as […]