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yrspaceFTW v0.1 participatory sound/music performance digital audio files; 2009 welcome to the brand new game!  did you know you are already playing? please enjoy yrspace; there is no game over + no epic final win – but you’ll find these files an amazing assistance to yr gameplay. __//instructions download + unpack the archive, and add […]

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dance+off v0.1 (clip #07) 10-channel video installation; 2008 variable lengths, continuous loop originally conceived as a reconstruction of cinematic moments of rebellion via the rhythmic body

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Manualle de Animalle durational webcam performance 01 performance: 01-04sept. 2009: 04hrs. 49min. (@ studio, Greensboro NC) 02 performance: 05nov. 2010: 02hrs. 21min. (@ Altered Esthetics gallery, Minneapolis MN) the performance consists of the me sitting at a table with a mirror, listening to music, and removing facial hair with a pair of tweezers.
it is broadcast […]