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__//posted new wrk today – dance+off
originally I wanted to reconstruct “iconic” clips from cinema in which the main protagonist, denied of any other agency, used dance as a method to vent their frustrations and as protest to the oppositional institutions surrounding them. the original cinematic dance scenes needed to be solo + private – as if the character was having their own therapeutic relationship w/ the body + rhythm.
after shooting a few clips, I thought more about the male body’s relationship to dance, esp. when represented on screen; and how the feminizing effects of technology, dance, + pop music alter how this body is sexualized in relation to on screen representation.
obviously, the only way to proceed is a 10-channel video installation w/ endless loops of this exploration.

on a tech. note, this was also a way to test the 1280×720 video of my nikon d90. the 24fps is still sticky for someone who’s been using 29.97 for years, but other than that, I’m pleased w/ the results. I’m really interested in finally exploring a decent depth-of-field in video.

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